Folsom Storage and LAR Flow Projections

Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Following are two graphs that illustrate projected Folsom Lake storage and LAR Flow.


  • Folsom storage peaked 575.4 TAF on March 16.
  • Reservoir inflow had been declining rapidly since around Feb 9.
  • With the LAR flow cuts (100 cfs drop each day on 3-24 thru 3-26) the the reservoir  outflow comes pretty close to matching the inflow.
  • However, Reclamation projects that inflow will continue to wane and storage will drop through the end of March.
  • Storage will peak again at under 600 TAF by the end of May.
  • Storage may drop as low as 150 TAF by the end of November.

Folsom storage and LAR Flow - zoom in Folsom storage and LAR Flow


Notes:  These graphs are based on the information distributed by Reclamation on 3/19/15 (see post below from that date).  We have “discounted” the Folsom stroage by 35 TAF to correct for the actual LAR flows during the first part of March (Reclamation scenario was based on March flow at 500 cfs all month; actual flow was 800 cfs through the 21rst).

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PostedThursday, March 26th, 2015