Steelhead: Water Temp and Quality Mostly Healthy as of 4-8-15

Posted on Sunday, April 12th, 2015

HI folks.  I’m sorry that we’re posting this data when it’s already 4-5 days old.  We’re trying to be timely, but other priorities sometimes take over.  The plots below shows that inter-gravel temperature and water quality has been mostly healthy for incubating Steelhead.  That’s thanks to cooler days last week and Reclamation’s temperature management actions (see previous posts).

This graph shows that temperatures have been (mostly) cool enough for healthy incubation.  I hope to update these on Monday or Tuesday:LAR temps 4-8-15

This graph (courtesy of Cramer Fish Sciences) shows dissolved oxygen has also been in a healthy range (above 8 mg/L) at our three monitoring sites: DO v location 4-7-15

An finally, this graph shows that DO levels have been (mostly) healthy over time:DO v gravel depth 4-7-15

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PostedSunday, April 12th, 2015