2021-22 Drought Information

The Water Forum has been closely collaborating with Water Forum members, state and federal fish agencies, and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to anticipate and act in the face of this year’s water challenges and prepare for next year in case of an extended drought.

Actions include:

  • Working with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which manages Folsom Reservoir, and other state and federal partners, to preserve as much water as possible in the reservoir to support the health of the river and water supply reliability.
  • Increasing river monitoring. The Water Forum regularly monitors fish conditions in the Lower American River as part of its ongoing science program. As with the most recent drought, the Water Forum will be increasing this monitoring to help inform decisions by federal and state agencies.
  • Working with water providers to sustainably shift to using more groundwater and encourage water efficiency from customers.
  • Restoring habitat for salmon and steelhead. This year, the Water Forum will undertake its 10th habitat restoration project in the Ancil Hoffman area of the river, which in the past has been a prime area for salmon and steelhead to spawn and has degraded over time. The Water Forum’s most recent habitat restoration project at Sailor Bar created a surge in native fish nests within several months following the project. The Ancil Hoffman projected is expected to be even more crucial to fish survival given the very dry and warm conditions expected in the river by fall 2021.

You can help!

Water efficiency is important no matter the weather but is especially important in a dry year like this one. Please be vigilant about using water efficiently and stopping water waste, especially outdoors where most household water use occurs. Learn how and find information about rebates at BeWaterSmart.info.

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 Habitat Management and Monitoring

 Water Efficiency

  • Be Water Smart: The Sacramento region’s water efficiency program with information about water-wise rebates and tips

Water Supplies

  • The Regional Water Authority (RWA), a Water Forum member, represents 20 water providers serving 2 million people in the greater Sacramento region

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