Featured Speakers

Tony Firenzi, Director of Strategic Affairs, Placer County Water Agency

Presenting: Flood, Fire, and Drought – Planning for a New Paradigm in Water Supply

Like so much of California, the environment of the American River watershed, and those that count on it for water supply, is already being challenged with climate change. Fires in forest lands have devastated habitats and scared soils that are integral to the water cycle, while droughts have brought water supplies dangerously close to the limits for fish and humans. Water managers on the American River are using science-based decision making and creative solutions to adapt to this new paradigm that we are already witnessing. The solutions are integrated with far-reaching interests and founded on Water Forum principles of co-equal goals for the environment and humans.

Tony Firenzi is a Professional Engineer and Director of Strategic Affairs at Placer County Water Agency (PCWA), where he is responsible for long-range planning and strategic initiatives. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Colorado State University, where he specialized in River Engineering. After a five-year consulting career where he worked on river restoration projects throughout the country, he had a fortunate opportunity to shift into water supply at PCWA. At PCWA, Tony specializes in master planning and partnerships for water supply and infrastructure. He has been central to ensuring the agency’s water supplies through integrated water planning in surface water and groundwater with engagement of non-governmental and environmental organizations. He has been with PCWA since 2003.