Latest News: Water Forum 20th Anniversary Symposium and Reception

What do you see (or hear, smell, taste, feel) when you imagine a better, more equitable future for water, climate and communities in the Sacramento region? 

Guests will explore this key question with an interactive audience participation exercise during the Water Forum’s 20th Anniversary Climate Symposium. We invite you to begin considering your answer and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

The event will also feature a special announcement by Sacramento County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy during the 20th Anniversary Reception, which will take place at the conclusion of the Climate Symposium.

Check out this video for a hint at the announcement to come!

Progressive Flood Control Solutions for the Sacramento Region

Climate change is projected to increase temperatures so that precipitation falls as rain rather than snow earlier in the season, increasing flood risk in winter. Tamika L’Ecluse of the American River Flood Control District will explore how those conditions are expected to impact the Sacramento region’s flood control system, the people it protects, and progressive flood control policies to consider as our community plans to adapt during the Water Forum’s 20th Anniversary Climate Symposium. Learn more about Tamika’s presentation.

What is the Future of Our Favorite River?

Climate change is a threat multiplier, contributing to more frequent drought, floods, longer dry seasons, and higher temperatures. These changes in hydrology and temperature interact with water management and human modifications in the American River, complicating the restoration of aquatic ecosystems and our iconic salmon and steelhead. Julie Zimmerman of The Nature Conservancy will explore how the Sacramento region could manage for the effects of climate change on the American River ecosystem during the Water Forum’s 20th Anniversary Climate Symposium. Learn more about Julie’s presentation.

Our Zoom DJ is Taking Requests!

During breaks throughout the Symposium, our very own Zoon DJ Sofia be playing some of your favorite water-themed songs. Send your request to for a chance to receive a special gift to commemorate the Water Forum’s 20th Anniversary. Bonus points will go to those who explain how the song represents the Water Forum’s work over the past 20 years.

Get Ready to Celebrate the Water Forum 20th Anniversary in Style

Though we cannot be together in person, we can still celebrate the Water Forum’s 20th anniversary in style! Roger Niello, Water Forum stakeholder and Agreement signatory as Sacramento County Supervisor, will emcee the Water Forum’s 20th Anniversary virtual reception, and MMS Strategies has commissioned an India Pale Ale beer and root beer seltzer from New Helvetia Brewing Company to honor the Water Forum’s work over the past two decades. These special beverages are available in a commemorative gift box for the first 100 people who register for the Water Forum Climate Symposium and Reception. They will be enjoyed with a toast during the 20th Anniversary Reception at the conclusion of the Climate Symposium.

Water Forum Symposium to Spotlight Climate Impacts on Vulnerable Communities

The Water Forum will highlight environmental justice and equity during its 20th Anniversary Climate Symposium. Experts on water supplies, flood control, environmental protection and vulnerable communities will explore climate change’s projected impacts on vulnerable communities and potential solutions. The symposium will also include an interactive audience discussion about strategies for investing in communities vulnerable to climate change, who have experienced economic and physical displacement as a result of historical underinvestment and inequitable, exclusionary planning decisions.

New Study on Climate Impacts to be Featured During the Water Forum Symposium

The American River Basin Study is a comprehensive watershed-level look at projected climate change impacts on the Sacramento region’s water resources and environment. The study uses leading-edge science and modeling tools to forecast impacts on water supply, flood control, and critical habitat within the lower American River. Tony Firenzi of the Placer County Water Agency will discuss the study findings, as well as far-reaching adaptation strategies planned to maintain our environment, economy and quality of life. Learn more about Tony’s presentation.