Water Forum Signatories

At its core, the Water Forum IS its members who have all signed the landmark Water Forum Agreement. The Water Forum Signatories are a diverse group of business and agricultural leaders, citizen groups, environmentalists, water managers, and local governments. To meet the Water Forum’s co-equal objectives, they direct the work of the Water Forum Successor Effort, including development of the lower American River flow management standard and habitat management efforts.

Water Forum signatories are also actively implementing the water management elements of the Water Forum Agreement including water conservation, groundwater management, and dry year action.

The signatories are members of four caucuses – Environmental, Water, Public, and Business – who meet periodically to coordinate their activities. Members of all four caucuses meet quarterly at Water Forum Plenary meetings to coordinate actions and provide mutual updates.


  • AKT Development
  • Associated General Contractors
  • North State Building Industry Association
  • Sacramento Association of Realtors
  • Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
  • Sacramento Sierra Building & Construction Trades Council


  • Environmental Council of Sacramento
  • Friends of the River
  • Save the American River Association, Inc.
  • Sierra Club Mother Lode Chapter


  • City of Sacramento
  • County of Sacramento
  • League of Women Voters of California
  • Sacramento County Taxpayers League
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District


  • California-American Water Company
  • Carmichael Water District
  • Citrus Heights Water District
  • City of Folsom
  • City of Roseville
  • Clay Water District
  • Del Paso Manor Water District
  • El Dorado County Water Agency
  • El Dorado Irrigation District
  • Fair Oaks Water District
  • Galt Irrigation District
  • Georgetown Divide Public Utility District
  • Golden State Water Company / Arden-Cordova Water District
  • Natomas Central Mutual Water Company
  • Omochumne-Hartnell Water District
  • Orange Vale Water Company
  • Placer County Water Agency
  • Rancho Murieta Community Service District
  • Regional Water Authority
  • Rio Linda/Elverta Community Water District
  • Sacramento County Farm Bureau
  • Sacramento Suburban Water District
  • San Juan Water District