Lower American River Task Force

The Lower American River Task Force (LARTF) focuses on flood, environmental, and recreational management issues affecting the lower reach of the American River from Folsom Dam to the Sacramento River.

The major objective of the LAR Task Force is to identify opportunities for improving existing flood control facilities and management strategies along the LAR while at the same time protecting and enhancing existing environmental and recreational resources in the American River Parkway. The Task Force is co-convened by the Water Forum and the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA).

History and Accomplishments

The Task Force, established in 1994, has been meeting quarterly since 2008 and is the umbrella body for activities related to the lower American River. In 2002, Task Force participants collaborated in preparing the Lower American River Corridor Management Plan (RCMP) to successfully provide a framework for integrated management of this reach of the river. 

◊    Lower American River Task Force Mission Statement

There are several subgroups that meet on an as needed basis:

Bank Protection Working Group: This working group was initially formed in the mid-1990s to inform pressing levee stabilization efforts at that time, was re-formed in 2015 to help advise, plan, design, and implement bank protection features along the lower American River. A primary goal of the BPWG is to support federal, state, and local efforts to provide the highest level of flood protection for the surrounding community and the conservation of irreplaceable natural resources along the American River Parkway.

Fisheries and In-Stream Habitat (FISH) Working Group: The initial FISH working group was established to develop the FISH Habitat Management and Restoration Plan (FISH Plan) and included over 45 diverse stakeholders who contributed to the 2001 FISH Plan.  The FWG has since convened on a quarterly or as-needed basis. The most recent (2019) draft of the FISH Plan can be found here.

Current Topics

Recent issues addressed by the Task Force include US Army Corps bank protection upgrades, the Natural Resource Management Plan, the update of the Folsom Dam Water Control Manual, and the Lower American River Flow Management Standard, salmon and steelhead restoration projects,  and vegetation management.

Next Meeting: June 13 Online

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