Water Forum Agreement Update

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

The Water Forum Agreement was updated in October 2015 by the key stakeholders and signatories that make up the Water Forum in order to maintain an Agreement that is relevant and useful. The Water Forum Agreement – October 2015 Update includes:

  • Amendments
  • Status Updates
  • Minor Corrections


  • Changes to the Agreement approved by the Water Forum decision process
  • Indicates an official change to the wording and intent
  • Represented by red strikeout and red text

Status Updates

  • Provide reader with context
  • Do not change the Agreement, but provide clarity
  • Represented by blue-line text inside a blue box

Minor Edits

  • Grammatical corrections or name changes
  • Do not affect the Agreement
  • Represented in blue-line and strikeout text

    Water Forum Agreement – October 2015 Updates Flipbook

As new amendments to the Agreement are approved, we will insert them into this version. Likewise, we will strive to keep the status updates current with the most recent developments.

To read an overview of the changes and amendments to the Water Forum Agreement, click here.

To view the full updated document or individual chapters, please visit the Water Forum Agreement webpage.


The Water Forum Team

PostedWednesday, December 21st, 2016