Water Forum 2.0

Water Forum II process


The Sacramento Water Forum Agreement, negotiated and signed by members in 2000, expires in 2030. In fall 2019, the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), an impartial nonprofit that helps groups collaborate, conducted an assessment on the future direction of the Sacramento Water Forum. CBI’s role was to speak with individuals from a range of backgrounds to understand perspectives on the present and future role of the Water Forum and its governance. The assessment found that there is robust support among stakeholders for updating the Water Forum Agreement. In February 2020 the Water Forum Plenary confirmed its commitment to update the Water Forum Agreement and initiate the Water Forum successor effort to negotiate a successor agreement (referred to as Water Forum II).


The purpose of the Water Forum II is to negotiate a successor agreement that can guide the Water Forum’s efforts well into the future. The negotiating process is structured to foster an inclusive and transparent process that brings together affected parties in a collaborative and constructive dialogue. The Negotiating Steering Committee (NSC), with the support of Water Forum staff and the facilitation team, is tasked with guiding the process. (See roles and responsibilities section below.) The intention is to negotiate a successor agreement by late summer 2021, with subsequent adoption by the Plenary in Fall 2021 and ratification by individual Water Forum members in Fall 2021/winter 2022.




The process is intended to foster steady progress while ensuring robust participation by potential signatories in a transparent, inclusive and credible process.  To meet these goals, the process for drafting a Successor Agreement incorporates the following elements: