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Join a diverse coalition working to protect the lower American River and the Sacramento region's water.

When the Water Forum Agreement was officially signed 20 years ago, the occasion marked an unprecedented show of regional cooperation. For years, interests representing business, the environment, water suppliers and others had sparred over the water needs of people vs. the environment of the lower American River. This tension was prompted by a growing population, competing water supply and environmental needs and steadily declining groundwater levels.

To address these challenges, the City and County of Sacramento launched the Water Forum negotiations in 1993. Slowly, over the next seven years and thousands of hours of meetings, stakeholders negotiated a new plan that would bring cohesion to an uncoordinated approach to water supplies and environmental stewardship on the lower American River.

Ultimately, 40 different agencies—from the City and County of Sacramento to the Friends of the River to the Sacramento Metro Chamber—signed the agreement on April 24, 2000, marking the launch of the Water Forum’s real-world test. The success of the Water Forum is evident in improved habitat management, a better flow management standard, and dry year actions that protect our water during droughts.

Twenty years later, we are renegotiating the Water Forum Agreement to provide a new framework for the region to work across boundaries to protect our river, creeks, and water supply. Our goal is to broaden participation, and strength relationship across communities. 

We need new voices in the conversation about how we manage water for ecosystems and communities. We need a coalition as diverse as Sacramento. And that’s where you come in – we want to hear from you!

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