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This monthly report is issued for each of four months (i.e., February, March, April, and May) every year by the Water Forum Successor Effort to provide the status of the March through November Unimpaired Inflow into Folsom Reservoir (March-Nov UIFR).  Per the Water Forum Agreement, this hydrologic index is used to determine the type of water year and may be used by American River water purveyors and water right holders to determine the extent of their dry-year procedures.

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Dry Year Actions

Reducing Diversion Impacts

Water Conservation - Dry Year Actions (OLD)Prescribed dry-year cutbacks require ready-made options for purveyors to meet their customers’ needs when less lower American River surface water is available.

Sacramento’s regional economy is dependent on sufficient water being available.

During average and wetter years, planned diversions of surface water are accomplished with mitigation to ensure the natural values of the lower American River are preserved.

In drier years when the river is stressed, water suppliers have agreed to pursue alternatives to meet demand.

These options include:

  • Increased conservation
  • More conjunctive use of groundwater basins
  • Utilizing other surface water resources
  • Reoperation of reservoirs on the Middle Fork of the American River

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Technical Memorandum No. 1

Computing March through November Unimpaired Inflow into Folsom Reservoir

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