Water Purveyor Overview

Water purveyors in the Sacramento region primarily pump groundwater and divert surface water to meet their customer’s needs.  Surface water is obtained from the American and Sacramento rivers and from Folsom Reservoir.

The graphic below illustrates the source of water for the region’s water purveyors. The schematic shows surface water and groundwater use by water purveyors in 2018. For agencies which tend to shift towards higher groundwater use in dry years as part of their conjunctive use patter, water use for 2014 is also presented to illustrate their dry year water use pattern. 

PDF link: American River Basin Water Supply Schematic 

Surface Water Diversions

Diverting Water for Regional Needs

Collective efforts have increased the region’s ability to strategically manage surface water diversions to augment groundwater supplies.

When members signed the Water Forum Agreement, they under­stood that increased surface water diversions would be needed to meet the future water needs of the region. As a result, the agree­ment outlined diversion limits for each supplier and the facilities that would likely be needed to divert, treat, and distribute this water.

 Freeport Regional Water Project Intake Facility




Since that time, the number and scope of completed project speaks to this power of regional collaboration. One example is below:

Freeport and Vineyard Projects: The Freeport Regional Water Project is a groundbreaking collaboration between Sacramento County and East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) that provides surface water to the central Sacramento County area, as well as EBMUD customers in dry years.

By diverting their American River water supply from the Sacramento River, both agencies avoid diversion impacts to the lower American River. Sacramento County’s diversions at Freeport will be pumped to the new Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant in south Sacramento County.

With capacity to treat up to 100 million gallons per day, the Vineyard Plant is the biggest project ever undertaken by the Sacramento County Water Agency and will play a critical role in helping preserve and sustain groundwater resources.